Saturday, December 29, 2007

We're back

We had a wonderful, white, snowy Christmas in Colorado. We are exhausted and a few of us are sick, but we had a blast. We are trying to recover from the 15 hours we spent in the car yesterday, find a place for all of the boys new things, put away Christmas decorations, and do a LOT of laundry. So after we finish that, I will post lots of pictures and few stories from our trip, promise!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our little goobers

Things are crazy around here. I have some big projects to finish up for work before Christmas and we are celebrating early so that we don't have to haul all of the presents up to Colorado. (We are either in Montana or Colorado for Christmas, we alternate between our families and this year is my family's year) So all of our stuff has to be wrapped by the 19th! This month is crazy, but so much fun. We are having a blast playing Santa and we can't wait to see the boys faces light up when they see all of their surprises.

Anyway, these pictures are from last weekend. April took a couple rolls for our Christmas card. The boys were total goofs the whole time, Liam did not want to hold still and Landon was Mr. Cheesy grin. I thought these pictures were hilarious, because you can tell exactly what the other one is thinking. Landon is going Liam get off of me and then in the last picture Liam has his feelings hurt because he didn't get to do what he wanted! We did manage to get some good ones for the card, but wow what an ordeal it is get a family picture these days!!