Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I have a blog?

I haven't forgotten.......well maybe a little. But the truth is I just don't hold still for the computer. I can hold still really well for a massage or a good book however;) But a post seems like a daunting task! Anyway, enough with my whining here we go.

Our life in a nutshell since the last post. Very busy November. Very crazy December. Got Intralasik eye surgery. Love it. Found a new home for our dog Minnie. Cried for a week straight. Got over it after I found out she got adopted by a retired Kindergarten teacher who is spoiling her rotten and giving us updates. Still cry when I look at her pictures though! Spent our two week break in Colorado (or traveling to!) and enjoyed it thoroughly. The kids played and played in the snow, and so did Kevin and I! Then we came home to reality and reality is great, but not as much fun as vacation in the mountains! Kevin is about to pull his hair out at work he is so busy and the kids and I just jumped right back into the school year. Funny how we complain in the summer about no school and complain during the school year about too much school.........ah but we do. That is why I should be in charge of the school system:) And I am rambling.

The kids are all doing super. Happy and mostly's impossible for us not to have a little something going on around here, but compared to the sick season we had when Landon went to's a walk in the park. Landon is in basketball for the first time, which is making our schedule a bit busier, but it's teaching him some good lessons about teamwork and practice. Liam wants to join the wrestling team because he believes he has super human strength, but we are going to hold off on that one:) We are thinking of letting him play t-ball this spring. They both love school and we are still very pleased with their school and their personal progress. The girls still get excited about Mother's Day Out, they hug me and run right into greet their teachers and friends. They celebrated their 3rd birthday a couple weeks ago with a 'Girls Only' party. We played dress up, painted our nails, danced with a ballerina video, put on lip gloss and stick-on earrings, and ate pink and purple cupcakes!

So that's the nutshell version. Our pace of life still continues to be consistently less chaotic the older the girls get, but still just as busy. One phase of parenting slows down, while a new one arises. One challenge gets easier while another one gets harder! But through it all I thank God for the lessons the kids teach us. Parenting is teaching me so much about the way God feels towards his children. The countless times he watches us make the same mistake and the countless times he shows us grace and the indescribable love he has for each of us. We are so blessed just to wake up every day knowing God loves us and that we will be with him someday.

We continue to be heavily involved with Venture Community Church. We just celebrated two years of meeting together and look forward to seeing God work mightily through our small church in 2012.

Quick glimpse into the kids daily conversations...Liam 'Mom when I grow up I am going to drive a motorcycle. With a kickstand!' Landon jumps in, 'Well I am going to own a rocket boot store where I will sell my invention of the boot that rockets you into the sky.' Kallie then says, 'I want to be a kitty cat when I grow up mommy.' And finally Klaire says, 'And I will have a chihuahua with clothes.'

We never lack for entertainment:)

Nicci and I couldn't get Mark and Kevin out of our snuggies;)

Eating breakfast at the cabin.

The girls adore their cousin Lorelai.

They got Rapunzel stuff from my mom's side of the family.

What's it going to be!?!?! Remote control bumper cars! Yippee!

Playground in Redstone.

Very handsome boys if I don't say so myself.

The girls never complained about the cold weather. Only when snow got thrown in their face!

Go Eagles!

First hair cut. Ever. Yes, not single hair on their head has been trimmed since birth until a couple weeks ago! They did great and we only took off 2 inches which is hardly noticeable.

Klaire is just chill'n like she owns the hair salon, waiting for her turn in the big twirly chair.

3rd Birthday! Kallie was a pink princess and Klaire was a purple ballerina. Kallie's cupcakes were cherry chocolate and Klaire's were lemon blackberry! Klaire blew her candles out immediately and Kallie had a blow and spit technique so it took a bit longer!! Heehee

They were joined by friends from church and one friend from preschool.

To finish the party we de-accessorized and went for jump in the bounce house!