Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our beautiful babies

The girls had there first photo shoot and you won't believe the pictures. They are AMAZING.

Go to our photographer's blog to check them out:

Hopefully this makes up for my lack of posted photos lately...............:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We have a house finally!

We signed the final contract on a house tonight. We are so glad to be done! We needed closure and we needed a plan and now we have that! The whole house hunting adventure turned out to be much different than Kevin and I had envisioned it. Buying our first house( i am so sad to leave is the perfect little house) was a breeze we've realized! This time around was quite different. We were trying to accomplish so much with this move and we learned that you just can't have it all. Something has to give. We wanted to get closer to Kevin's office, closer to church, be in a great school district, get lots of square feet, have a big lot with big trees, have the perfect floor plan, have a home that was newer or had been redone, and we wanted to capitalize on the market and get a killer deal. And those are just the big wants....I could list so many little ones! Well, as you can imagine we couldn't find a house that accomplished all that! But we did get a new house, in a great school district, with a super floor plan for our family, on a nicer lot than what we have now, for a good price. So we didn't get closer to church and work....but we looked at least 20 different neighborhoods, 7 different cities, and who knows how many houses. I know one day Kevin and our realtor looked at 30 houses or something crazy like that!

So if we weren't under so much stress....all that probably would have been more fun! And I hope I don't sound like a whiner! We feel so blessed to even have the opportunity to purchase a larger home for our family. It's just that we had so many decisions to make and not much energy to do it! Landon asked why he and Liam didn't get to choose the house........! Maybe we should have let them....their only criteria was stairs!! Landon is now using terms like 'closing', 'stories', 'walk-ins', 'specs', and he loves looking at floor plans and determining where the bathrooms and kitchens are!

Oh and our closing on this house has been up in the air this week, but now we are closing three days later than what we originally agreed upon and we will be moving out on Saturday. We are supposed to close on the new house on the 27th and will be staying with family until then. Whew! So moving twice stinks, but that's what happened! It will be an adventure. And my sister and brother in law may not want children after we stay with them, but the boys are going to love it:)

On the pics from the last post. Klaire is first in purple and then Kallie is second in pink!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick update

Me, well I am feeling SO much better. Thank goodness for antibiotics.

The girls, they had a check up today and Klaire is 6 pounds and Kallie is 5.10 pounds and our doctor says they are just perfect....but I already knew that:)

Landon and Liam are pretending that their stuffed animals are babies and they are burping them and making the sound effects to go along with it!!! HAHA......I told Kevin we need to get them some dolls....he didn't think it was funny!!

Kevin, well he is keeping me sane and taking on more than his share at work and home!

House, hummmm.....still working on that. Rent house or somewhere to live when we get booted out of here in 8 days....still working on that too!!!! Anyone have an empty house they want to rent us for 6 or 8 weeks??? And packing, well we just started that....I should say Kevin just started that. I'm in denial that we are moving from our first home and away from the Jacksons): I will start packing (in all my free time....ha) tomorrow!

Have to turn the flash off to get them with their eyes open, so that's why the pics are dark. And I'm sure you all can tell them I'll let you all tell me who is who:)