Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I am just overwhelmed with thankfulness this week. The lesson our preacher brought to us this past Sunday and has made me consumed with being grateful, so I thought I would list some things I am thankful for.

-My salvation and Kevin's salvation
-Being surrounded by parents, siblings, in-laws, and friends who are also going to heaven with me
-My amazing husband
-Our perfect little boys and soon to be girls
-Our extended families
-Our church family
-Our friends
-Our jobs
-Our home
-Our food
-Our cars
-Our freedom
-Our health
-The aches and pains I have right now b/c that means I pregnant with two more angels.
-The million times I have to tell Landon and Liam to calm down or stop it b/c that means I have kids who are being kids!
-The dish washer that is full for the four time in a week b/c that means we have eaten a lot!
-The mounds of never ending laundry b/c that means we have plenty of clothes.
-And so much more. There are so many things that may seem little, but they are huge. Things like heat, air conditioning, more than one pair of shoes, indoor plumbing, beds, phones, computers.......all kinds of things that we take for granted every day! I could list 500 of them, but I won't!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are all so blessed.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Life continues sometimes slow and sometimes fast

I mostly want to put the brakes on life right now. The boys are changing so quickly and I want to soak up every minute with them before the girls come and wonderful chaos hits our home. Don't get me wrong, I can hardly wait to meet Kaitlyn and Kallie, but I know that no matter how hard I try to be super mom I will not be able to give Landon and Liam the attention they are accustomed to.

Also, I know that there is a possibility that the girls will come before Christmas or that I will be in the hospital during Christmas (on bed rest) and I want the girls to come when they are meant to come, however, I so desperately want to celebrate this year in the comfort of our home, giving the boys our undivided attention. I want the boys to feel so special and loved this Christmas and I know we can do that even in a hospital room (or if the girls have come, we can spend Christmas morning at home likely and then go up to the hospital to be with them) but it just seems to be on my list of 'trying not to worry abouts' lately:)

We will roll with the punches no matter what happens, but I just have this mommy instinct lately telling me that these babies are coming in December. I get my cervix checked at least every two weeks and this past Wednesday it was still long and closed, but it was soft. Doc told me he was happy with it and not to worry about it being soft, but you know I get held up on details sometimes:) Kevin and I have decided to look at it like, "Well, at least they didn't come this week!' So, 27 weeks is better than 26 and next week 28 will be better than 27 would have been! My prayer has not been for a specific week, it has been that when the girls or my body to decide to go into labor, that Kaitlyn and Kallie will be ready for this world. Premmies are fighters and modern medicine makes it possible for them to over come odds that in the past they otherwise would not have been able to overcome. So we are thankful. Nervous and prayerful, but thankful.

On a lighter note, Landon and Liam have been cracking us up with their latest baby comments! Liam has decided to call the girls 'Luigi'. Yes both of them. Or 'K K'. I guess we will take whatever we get from him:) I suppose the boys will have even more trouble getting the girls mixed up than us! Landon wants us to put a stamp on one of them.....he might be onto something there. We may have to do something to keep them from having their identies stolen by each other!

Landon may have gotten his need for details from me:) This week was no exception. We have gracefully danced around his questions about how the babies got in my belly and how they get out for awhile now. We knew that our responses like, "God put the babies there. And the doctor helps get the babies out." would only suffice for so long. Well it happened this week at dinner. He cornered me! I was clearing dishes when I heard the dreaded question come. Landon said, "So, how ARE they babies going to get out if you don't have any holes in your tummy?" I flubbered for a second and then smiled and said, "How about you go wash your hands while your daddy and I talk for a minute and then we will answer your question." So Kevin and I quickly decided that we shouldn't make this a huge deal, the question is not going away, and he is going to get too many confusing answers at kindergarten next year as is. So I sat down on the couch and he ran over sat down, criss-crossed his legs, stared at me with anticipation, and says, "I'm ready for this talk mom!" (I could hardly talk to him with a straight face.) We simply told him that babies usually come out mommies 'bottoms' (he knows the real term b/c 'bottom' also did not suffice his need for details!). Then came the denial, "No, you are kidding me dad. How does THAT work??!?!?" I said the 'bottom' gets big enough for the baby/babies to come out and then after the baby comes, it gets small again. And the mommy is fine. Landon had a few more questions that Kevin and I can't remember mostly b/c we were doubled over and then he says, "I got it. It's just like me going poops. But when I get a big one it comes out looking like a mushroom, are the girls going to look like mushrooms when they come out?"

I leave you with that! And some pics!

Monday, November 10, 2008

45 Days Until Christmas!

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