Monday, February 15, 2010

It's the little things.

Snow in our neck of the woods is such a treat. We got oodles of it last week, in fact we set a record! The boys had most of their snow clothes thankfully, we left Liam's boots at the cabin...wait til you see what we gave him to wear instead:) We made a cowboy snowman....or should I say I made a cowboy snowman!! The boys were too busy playing in it, but they were ready to put the face on of course. Kallie got to go out for a minute(Klaire was sleeping) and she was mesmerized.

Landon's Valentine's glasses have been worn by everyone around here and Kallie has sucked off most of the glitter!! It is really is funny how the cheap little trinkets often get played with more then the expensive toys.

Please don't make me daddy....they aren't my style!!(Kallie)


Landon and Liam aren't really the wrestling type, but they love to jump on daddy and play tickle monster, so Kallie and Klaire have picked up on it and they will pounce on anyone who lays on the floor!!! It is priceless to see all four of them playing together.

Lee-man the Hee-man and Kallie Wallie

L-dog and Klaire Bear

Oh the fun one can have with a box. This box entertained them for a week. We played circus, jack-n-the-box, race car, you name it we did it with the box.

Frosty inspired the kids to all want to wear a cowboy hat. I think I got some real cute pictures of all four of them. The girls are walking now. Kallie walks everywhere unless she is mad and Klaire has really taken off this last week. She still crawls quite a bit, but she is walking across the room now and she would prefer to walk she just falls a lot! They are especially adorable right now and it's a good thing because they are wayyyyyyyyyyyy high maintenance when they are awake. They are like two little tornado's, if one doesn't make the disaster the other one will. And they cry for me a lot which is flattering, but it really wears on me. I didn't realize how easy I had when Landon and Liam went through this phase, I could just put them on my hip and cook and get stuff done. But with two crying and climbing up have just go sit down and play with them and just wait until they are asleep to do anything. I can get a little done here and there when they are awake, but not much. Try loading a dish washer with two little munchkins climbing in it.....ahhhhh it's nuts.