Monday, February 7, 2011

Two year old twinkies

The girls turned two at the end of December, but we just celebrated last weekend!!! Sickness and travel delayed our plans....but they didn't know the difference:)

The last year seems like it was as much of a blur as their first.....will it ever slow down!?!?

Anyway, here's what the girls are up to lately:

Talking. Way too much talking around here:) Some of my favorite phrases are....."That's annoying Mommy." ......"Miss you Daddy"....."Where is my Daddy?"....."Sissy did it."....."You come here right now Mommy."...."Mommy Staples"...."I burped that" !!!!!!

Dancing. The girls and I dance all the time. Klaire can really bust a move. Kallie can too, but Klaire really tries to mimic my moves.

Singing. Jingle Bells is still being sung around here along with Jesus Loves Me and Itsy Bitsy Spider and the ABC's

Wearing panties! We started trainging them a month ago and it was a real challenge at first but we are glad we hung in there. They are doing great and they look adorable in their panties:)

Playing dress up. Between the four of them we almost always have someone in costume!!

Never-ending energy! The girls have so much fuel that some days I can hardly keep up with them. They just go from one end of the house to the other making quite a trail behind them. I am going to write a post just about the things they get into one of these days....they really are like little monkeys sometimes!! They get so hyper after dinner too. They run around squealing (with the boys) trying to pounce on each other and it is quite a sight!!

One of Kevin and I's favorite things that they do right now is call the boys down for dinner. I need to get it on is the cutest thing. They both make a bee-line for the stairs hollering the whole way......"LANDON!! LIAM!! Dinnerz weady! Landon Staples.....Liam Reed....come down!!!!! Dinnerz weady!! Boooyyyzzz!!!"

Double and Trouble. Tornado and Hurricane. Seek and Destroy. :)

Kallie aka Lil Pip, Pip-ers, Kallie Layne

Klaire aka Squeekers and Klaire Bear

Presents from Gamma and Ganddad:)Hooray for dizziness!!!Daddy picked this out. As you can see below, Klaire approves!!

Nanna doesn't need to pay a hair stylist anymore:)

Klaire.Lyndi made the cupcakes of course. I am spoiled. I told her to just throw some cute sprinkles on them, but she made them ridiculously adorable anyway.