Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer in pictures!

Frozen Yogurt and snow cones are the best treats to beat the heat in Texas!!

Liam had his 5th birthday party at every parents favorite place, Chucky Cheese:)

He had a Woody cupcake cake!

This was taken by the Carbondale Fish Hatchery (near the cabin). River fishing is not ideal for little ones, so we took the kids to this lake where kids are allowed to fish for free.

Kevin, Collin, my dad, and I hiked up to Geneva Lake while at the cabin. It was a challenging hike, but as you can see, very rewarding. We caught enough trout for dinner too:)
The boys tried so hard to catch fish in that little lake, but only had one taker. The rest had caught on to the game and ignored all of the bait we dangled in front of them!

We had a wonderful time at the Redstone 4th of July parade again. It never disappoints. We had Kevin and Landon on a four-wheeler, Liam and Lorelai in a wagon, Kallie and Klaire in another wagon, and my dad on his paperboy bike. Most of my mom's side of the family comes into town for the weekend of the fourth and we had a fantastic time with everyone.
This is Hayscreek Falls and it is just a few minutes up the road from the cabin. The water was super high this year due to extra run-off and so the rivers and waterfalls were awesome.

We are eating at our favorite breakfast place, The Smithie, in Carbondale. Kevin's parents were able to join us at the cabin for a few days before my family came in. We miss you Grandma and Grandad!

The girls were happy to go on our off-roading adventure. Kallie had strep throat at the time, but she was a trooper. The boys loved trying to skip rocks across Lake Lizard with Grandad, Uncle Mark, and Dad.
We took two four wheel drive vehicles and two four wheelers up to Crystal (in the winter the only way up is by snow mobile). The Crystal Mill you see was constructed in 1892 for use as a powerhouse for mining operations.

These two are pretty cute huh? Cousin Lincoln came over from Denver and had many adventures with Landon and Liam including a very memorable treasure hunt. Thanks Aunt Nicci!
Cousin Cora is such a sweetie and we enjoyed playing with her and NOT giving her strep!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin and I were able to get to Calgary for a couple days to participate in A Day for Drew and meet our new niece Piper!! What a joyful and beautiful little baby she is!

The girls moved into toddler beds at the beginning of the summer. And WHEW has that been an adventure:) They have way too much fun together instead of sleeping!!

We got to spend extra time with cousin Lorelai this summer:)

We went to several swim parties and enjoyed splashing with all of our friends!! We enjoyed watching Landon and Liam at swim lessons. They did awesome and we are so proud of their progress.

Nanna Janna made this very cool tent! We had some special camp outs with daddy and stayed up late watching movies and eating popcorn.

We were very fortunate to get to see our long time missionary friends while they were on furlow. Matt and Nikki were still foot loose and fancy free last time we saw each other and now look!! They have two adorable little girls!

Well, those were most of the highlights from our summer! We are looking forward to school beginning and cooler weather!!!!!!!!!!!!