Sunday, June 27, 2010


This post is a little over due.......but then again most of mine are:) Kevin turned the big 3-0 in May and I threw him a surprise party which actually remained a surprise to him! We had it in our backyard and I got him out of the house by sending him golfing (which he thought was a birthday gift, but was actually just to get rid of him for a few hours....hehehe) and while he was out all of the decorating took place and the guests arrived. I was so occupied that I did not get a picture of the set up.....but it was a Hawaiian theme and looked so cute!
His biggest surprise was the guest included some people that he never would have guessed to be at his party. Two of his best friends from Harding who live six hours away and their wives came all the way down just for him. The look on his face was priceless and it was exactly what I was wanting:) It will forever be one of those memories that sticks with me and makes me smile.
So I thought in the spirit of thirty I would list thirty things about Kevin that you may or may not know!!
1. He is the best husband and father in the I've got my bragging out of the way:)
2. He is devoted to God and family.
3. He is a salesman for GES - a tradeshow exhibit house.
4. He loves to read.
5. He loves sports.
6. He continues to think that some day he is going to be on the PGA.
7. He is ready to pack up and move to a new place all the time.
8. One of his nicknames is Willy Wonka......b/c he has the most severe sweet tooth EVER.
9. He was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana where his parents still live.
10. He has two older in Calgary and one in Denver.
11. He hates the Dallas Cowboys.
12. He was a competitive swimmer growing up.
13. He loves being an uncle to his nieces and nephews.
14. He is a big tea drinker..........a hot cup of tea every night.
15. He doesn't have much rhythm, but says someday he will take dance lessons with me!
16. He drives an older gold altima, which he lovingly refers to as 'the pregnant lady car'
17. He likes cats and wants another (we are 0-2 keeping them alive).....I continually talk him out of this!
18. He is an introvert.
19. He says that he knew I was the one b/c I was the first girl that didn't get on his nerves! Umm....thanks.....I think?!?!?
20. Favorite show - the Office. Favorite movie - Braveheart
21. He is a morning person.....thank goodness one of us is.
22. He is commonly referred to as the 'Tickle Monster' around here.
23. He is NOT a picky eater and so he is good sport about my adventurous cooking.
24. He wants to retire on a golf course.
25. He looks forward to traveling the world (with me of course:) after the kids are grown.
26. He wants to learn another language.
27. He can tell some really cheezy jokes.....I am still getting used to 'Staples' humor!!!!
28. He has a tattoo of a cross with a dove over it on his right shoulder. And wants another.
29. He thinks he works out in his sleep b/c his muscles look bigger in the morning.........:)hehe
30. He is getting LOTS of gray hair!!!!!!! He claims from me and the kids!!!!!!!!!
Thirty used to sound so old. Now fifty doesn't sound very old. Crazy how your perception changes. But one thing will never change......the fact that I will always be younger than you Kev!