Sunday, July 15, 2012

Half way to 16....what!?!

Yep. Ldog is eight now. Well, he's actually been eight for a couple months. I realized while planning for Liam's birthday (the 17th of this month) that I hadn't done a post for him yet. So Landon here is what I want to remember about you at this age....

-You are finally tall enough to ride all the roller coasters at Six Flags! However, when faced with the tough choice between going to Six Flags for your birthday or receiving the Star Wars Millenium Falcon Lego set, you chose the lego set. We made you think about it for a while and after your deliberation you came back to us and said, "Mom..Dad...Six Flags lasts a day....the Millenium Falcon will last forever!"

-You loved loved loved your second grade year. You and Mrs.Beaver were a great match, she appreciated the way your unique brain works and you adored her gentle way of teaching you to challenge yourself and grow in character and responsibility. You made lots of friends, but got especially close to Beau and Jake. We pray that third grade will also be filled with close friendships, a loving teacher, and academic growth!

-You continue to get better and better at helping us around the house and with your brother and sisters.  Mom knows the challenges (and perks;) of being the oldest, but I only had one sister to help with! You show a great deal of patience to your sisters even when they are pushing your buttons and we appreciate that more than words can express. And you guide your brother and help him so much, that sometimes we have to remind you to let him do things himself. But you are so giving of yourself and want to be the leader so badly that you don't always understand why we ask this of you, but some day you will!

-Your favorite things to do are legos, reading, video games, drawing, playing with your best bud Liam and your school friends and dad, bike riding, exploring, science experiments, swimming, and golf.

-We are working on being responsible, having a good attitude even when things don't go our way, and remembering that we don't know as much as we think we do;) This encourages us to do our best to be good examples to you in these areas as well.

-You are healthy and happy and we are so blessed by you Landon Bradley!