Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm an Auntie Again!

Yesterday was a very special day.............my parents got another grandchild and it didn't have to come from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My lil sis had her first and we are so EXCITED for them!!!! Her name is Lorelai Kelly and she is also going to be called Rory (which is a nickname for Lorelai).

She is so beautiful, she entered this world last night at 8:51 weighing 6 pounds 14 ounces and she was 18.5 inches. She has lighter colored hair and is just as healthy as can be! Lyndi is doing great too:)

Hooray for another cousin. My kids can't wait to play with her. I'm taking them up there to meet her tonight, can't wait to hear what the boys have to say about it. I let you know if they say anything blog worthy!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Landon and Margo

Sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G....:)

Now that is what they are already saying in Kindergarten evidently!! Landon came home singing it to me one day! He said me and God were sitting in the tree.....I said "How about me and daddy." He said God loves me too:) So I decided to let him be five and continue with me and God.

But back to Margo, Landon's bestest friend from school, they have had some drama lately and it is to cute not to share. And Pam if you are reading this, we would love to hear Margo's side of the story!!!

So Landon and Margo are quite the pair. They do everything together at school and have already started planning their future together. They had already decided before Christmas break that they were going to tie 'the knot' when they were all grown up and they were going to have many children. How many? Well, they went back and forth on that for the longest time, but finally they agreed to eight after Kevin convinced Landon that a billion wasn't going to work out. And I guess eight sounded good to Margo too!

So every day I ask Landon about school of course and he tells me all about his adventures on the playground with Margo. They usually end up playing in the dirt or mulch it seems like!! Well, one day another boy was chasing Margo and was bothering her, so Landon being the little gentleman says, "Stop chasing my 'marry' girl'!!" (His way of saying future wife...hehehehe). I can't remember if the boy stopped or not, but none the less, I was proud of him! So chivalrous!! The relationship was so strong until one dreaded day in the cafeteria.....

Note: Landon did not tell us about this, we had to hear it from Ella's mom! So this is the story through Ella (with a little added from me)...she is so sweet.

Ella came home and told her mom that there was trouble in paradise. Ella, "Landon and Margo had a fight in the cafeteria mom and I didn't want to choose sides because both of them are my friends. Landon was tryinging tell Margo that when he grew up he was going to be the President of the United States of America and Margo didn't want to hear that and so she covered her ears and this just drove Landon crazy that she wouldn't listen to him so he decided to just keep telling her louder. MUCH louder, until she turned and yelled, "Landon, I AM NOT GOING TO MARRY YOU ANYMORE!" At which point Landon started to realize the severity of the situation, so he started pleading with her and by the end he said, "Can't we still be friends. Please?" To which I think she agreed.

So after hearing that, I was SO CURIOUS to ask Landon all about it and why he hadn't mentioned it!! I quized him like crazy when he got home from school and he said it was all true and that she had been grumpy to him ever since. I said, "Well, probably because you yelled at her Landon, and girls stay grumpy longer than boys!!!" So for the next couple days he said that she was playing with other people and not just him, and he was okay with that I think. He said that he and Margo were everybody's friend.

Well, I think paradise is slowly being put back together because guess what started coming home in Landon's back pack again? Margo's love notes. During centers they are allowed to use paper to create pictures and such and Margo usually uses her paper to write, 'Margo love Landon.' or 'Landon love Margo.' or 'Margo and Landon = Love.' or 'Margo heart Landon.' You get the picture! And she usually has drawn them holding hands. I have kept some of course to show him later in life!! See honey, you were always a ladies man........:)

Anyway, they are adorable and I hope you enjoyed their story. Here is a picture of them at her birthday party.