Monday, August 24, 2009

Sniff. Sniff.

I know posting two days in a row...don't get used to it:)

Kevin and I dropped Landon off bright and early this morning. We left the rest of the crew behind with a friend so that we could just focus on him. He jumped out of the car, threw on his backpack like a pro, marched straight up to the school (said hi to the cross-walk guard of course), and followed us through the maze of parents and students all the way back to his room. He felt comfortable in his room and when I asked him to stand next to his teacher for a picture he hugged her instead....that is when I had to hold back the tears the worst. He is so sweet. They asked the parents not to linger, so we hugged and kissed him and walked out. He just went right over to the other kids and didn't look back so that was good.

I managed to hold back my emotions until I got in my car. I know he is ready I kept telling myself, but a million things kept running through my mind. It's so hard. Then when I got home Liam was sad. He asked if we could go pick Landon up right then. So I talked to him about having special time with mommy today and he perked up and asked, "Can you be Wandon today mommy?" Choked up again, but it brings me so much joy to think about them loving each other that much.

So we played some games and puzzles and he enjoyed that very much, but when it comes to building rockets...I honestly need to take some lessons from Landon I guess!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The last days of Summer

Landon starts kindergarten tomorrow and I think I'm in a little bit of denial! My baby leaving me from 7:45 to 3:00 Monday through Friday.....what!?!?!? Liam is going to preschool for the first time too...just two days a week thankfully. It is going to be really quiet around here...I might get some work done if Kallie and Klaire let me!! I'm a little nervous about getting all the kids out the door and ON TIME...many of you know that timeliness is not my best attribute:) Over the years I have gotten faster, but then we just keep adding babies to the mix and it's all a wash! But I am not going to have Landon getting tardies, even if I do have mission impossible most days of my life! I'd like to see all the other moms have to get a three years old and twins ready as well and still make it on time(I'm sure there is some mom that has like seven kids and triplets...that will somehow manage to beat me:), than I wouldn't have to worry about bringing up the tail end!
Anyway, since my last post we have been to Cananda and back. We just took the girls and the boys stayed back with Nanna and Papa. We went to support Kari, Jordan, and Peyton on a special day for Drew. There was so much thought and hard work that went into this event. It all went beautifully and Drew's life was honored so gracefully by MANY. Kevin participated in the golf tournament along with 97 other golfers, what a turn out. I helped with a few behind the scenes things and enjoyed every minute of it (even the posters Kari:) I was enjoying time with family and friends so much that I forgot to use my camera much, unfortunately!

But here are few pictures of our family over the last few weeks.

Kallie is crawling! Klaire likes to get up on all fours, but she isn't crawling just yet.

Klaire is sitting up better than Kallie. Kallie is such a wiggle worm, that she doesn't sit still for long. Also, Kallie has a tooth now too. And unfortunately both girls have a cold right now which has made for a fun last couple of days.

The girls were getting some cuddling from some friends that came up to the tournament from Bozeman.

Kevin and Peyton on the tramp.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Liam is Three and Fire Ant Invasion!

I know it has been way too long since my last post, I just don't spend much time on the computer these days!

So Liam turned three on July 17th....sniff sniff. He had a great little family birthday. It was wonderful to see him in the spot light all day. He was so excited and thankful for his presents and he sang with us when we sang him 'Happy Birthday'. He has such an adorable personality and we are so so so proud of him.

Three fingers are hard to hold up!

We filled up their sandbox and thanks to all the Aunties for the toys. They love them!

Big boy bike. He loves it and feels so special getting to ride like Landon.

Sweet Birthday Boy.

One of Lyndi's creations. It's so nice to have a cake-maker in the family!

(Klaire on the right)

We are starting a few chores around here and the boys are doing great!

Kevin and I probably hated fire ants more than anyone else in the world last week. It all started with a couple bites on the boys. We chalked it up to playing outside. Then the next day we found a few more bites on them, so we investigated and found 8 or 10 by Landon's bed. So we moved his bed and sprayed and called our exterminators. They came out and sprayed the boys room thoroughly and the exterior of our house. That night Kevin heard Kallie crying and so he went in calmed her down and patted her back to sleep. A few minutes later she was hysterical again so I told Kevin to bring her out to me and I would rock her for a while. He hands her to me and I immediately (we were not in very good light) notice that her face is all red, there is blood on her eye lid, and she looks like she has a black eye. So I jump up and we turn on all the lights and with in moments we both realize it is fire ant bites. ALL OVER HER. Her eye is swelling because she got bit so many times on it and she got so mad that she scratched it and made it bleed. Kevin runs in and grabs Klaire, who is sound asleep, and checks her and she appears to be unharmed. He turns on the light and finds Kallie's crib just crawling with them. Meanwhile, I am getting hysterical and anyone who knows me well, knows that things like this REALLY upset me. I felt so terrible and so scared b/c my dad is HIGHLY allergic to fire ants and she has never been bit before so I don't know how she will react and her eye is so swollen. Kevin and I felt like we were going to vomitt we were so upset. So I call our pedatrician and manage to articulate the situation in-between my sobbing. She assures me that Kallie's respiratory system would have already been affected if she was highly allergic and that we should just give her liquid benadryl and put some soothing topical cream on all of her bites, except the ones by and on her eye. So we do all that and put Klaire in the pack-in-play by our bed and Kallie won herself a night right next to me. I hardly slept a wink because I felt so bad for her. She ended up with at least 30 bites. We had the exterminators back out first thing the next morning and they sprayed every inch of our house and 'dusted in the walls'. They were nesting in the walls and coming out through our outlets. We baited the kids rooms for two nights to make sure they were gone and found nothing. I have killed a couple stragglers, but we think they are gone and the girls have returned to the nursery.

The girls are seven months now. Klaire has one tooth, Kallie is about to get one any day now. They are both about to be very mobile, Kallie has taken a step or two crawling. She mostly gets up on all fours and rocks back forth and grunts in frustration. She will also push up into a bear crawl position (up on her toes rather than knees). She seems to be the more hyper of the two, you ought to see her in the bath tub....she is a wild-woman!!! Klaire is MUCH better at taking a bottle, but Kallie is a little more content to play on her own for longer periods of time. We love watching their personalities emerge, they are getting so interactive and interested in life!

We leave for Canada for Drew's Memorial tomorrow. If you would like to know more about it you can visit the website at: