Thursday, April 30, 2009

Landon Landon Landon

I just can't believe Landon is five! He is so grown up for his age, but I still can't swallow that number very well! Landon has been planning his birthday party since December...right after every major holiday passes he asks when the next one is. I remember feeling like my birthday would never come....when I would give him the count down, he acted as if his birthday would never be here until we got within about 15 days:) So what does a kid like Landon want for his birthday...well he had some very specific requests. First, he wanted party hats, it's just not a party with out those. Then we had to have a very exciting was going to be a rocket until Aunt DeeDee found a Wall-e cake pan. And for those of you who don't know about Wall-e...well it was movie about a little robot and his journey with another robot Eva...and to tell you the truth I have never watched the whole thing with them! But robots are big around here, so not only did Landon get a robot cake but he got a real robot too. He also wanted the cake flavors to be lemon and coconut....can you tell I let him help me cook??? And he has noticed that for the adult birthdays we celebrate with my family we make a special meal just for that person. So he decided that he'll get a kick out of this....fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and PEAS! He thinks he really likes peas but he has only had them in stuff not by themselves. So with much persuasion I talked him into green beans and rolls instead of peas:) Landon also wanted to go somewhere special to celebrate the big day, so we went to the zoo. My mom says it was like the Staples zoo went to the zoo:) Yes, we were a handful and thankfully we had several other people there to help us! We had a full visit at the zoo. First of all Landon had pink eye...but he couldn't have cared less. The girls did the exact opposite of what I thought they would do on a warm day being pushed in a stroller....they stayed awake almost the whole time and were very hungry. We were often pushing an empty stroller and feeding babies bottles while we walked, we made a changing table out of the stroller for the poopy diapers they blessed us with while at the zoo. And Liam flipped over backwards off a picnic bench which damped his spirits for the rest of the day until we rented a stroller for him and got him an icecream cone. But Landon soaked up the whole day in classic Landon style! He literally ran from exhibit to exhibit, asked a few thousand questions, and scoped out everything he could. Oh and I forgot to mention, we UNknowingly went on TWIN day. It was crazy the amount of twins that were there and how much attention the girls got. One twin mom told me that I should get a shirt made that says, "Yes, they are twins. Yes, they are girls. Yes, they are identical. Yes, they keep me busy!!" I do enjoy showing the girls off, but I don't like it when random people touch's like hello I am the hand washing nazi...what germs do you have going on!!!

So when he woke up on his birthday (4/24) he asked me when will I be five. I thought hummm..don't recall telling him that there is a specific time....but then again this is Landon:) So I said well at 2:04.....four twenty four two thousand and four, born at two o' four....crazy! So he watched the clock all day and when it was 2:04 he turned and said, "But this can't be! I don't feel any different!" So then came a lengthy explanation and many of which was..."So what can I do that is different now that I am five...ya know backwards soumersaults, jumping to the ceiling, running super fast....?" It was so cute. And still everything is about being five now. The other day I asked him if he would through away a diaper and he replied, "I don't think five years do that mom."

Yesterday Landon wrote and illustrated a 16 page book. It is titled, yes he titled it and put his name on the cover like a real author, 'The Playground Fun!'. It is about a day at the playground and it starts off saying, 'Some one was watching a duck swim in the pool.' Yes he wrote 10 word sentence and spelled the whole second half of the sentence perfectly with out help. Then each page has a character doing a park activity and he narrated it with little tit bits like...whee...and whoo. He did the whole thing on his own and was so proud of it. Kevin and I were just blown away. I mean he spells and draws every day, but this was over the top! I sure hope his kindergarten teacher can keep him busy...

Anyway, Landon is our big five year old now and we are enjoying watching him be a terrific big brother, make new discoveries, and learn learn learn!

The birthday boy!

Wall-e cupcakes thanks to my sister.
Wall-e cake thanks to my sister!!

This will get the ladies' attention:)


And I just had to add this. We are all convinced that Minnie wishes she were a baby, so the joke around here is that we have triplets. We decided to make her dream a reality. She was not happy with us.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter outfits a week late!

All the kids were sick with a little cold virus last weekend (yes that has been fun) so we did our own Easter day last Sunday and didn't go to church. I was VERY bummed that the girls got sick, (seeing kids sick is always hard, but especially little babies) thankfully they didn't get it very bad and are mostly over it now.

So the kids wore their new outfits today and they were so precious. Kevin was calling Liam Mr. G.Q. And on a side note, I have some new quotes from the boys and I really do plan on updating their quotes soon! I've been a wee bit busy:)

Landon will be five on Friday and it's making this mommy a little sad. Five just sounds so old and I know kindergarten is just a few months away. You would think that having two babies to hold would make it easier for me to watch Landon and Liam grow and change, but I think it is actually making it worse because when I look at the girls I am constantly reminded of what the boys were like when they were that age. And it seems like just yesterday that I was holding them and so I know what can happen when you blink. I guess since we are so busy too, our internal clocks seem to be running at double time and it is intensifying my desire to want to slow everything down. I am starting to notice that I am talk about time rushing by so much lately...and well I guess it's just on my mind a LOT! Forgive me if I sound like a broken record!

Well, there are really so many things that I want to post about and describe......I wish I had more time to REALLY REALLY describe what all is going on in our lives...but for now I think I am going to have to settle with giving the highlights!

Drum roll please............................................................................................................................................


We are going to have swarms of girls after these two stud muffins some day:)

Classic Liam face. He is just as funny as Landon.

I just want to bottle them up and keep them this way forever.

Kallie was saying, "Go Mavericks!"

Kallie showing off her adorable grin.

Klaire says, "Kallie give me some space and please stop showing off your bloomers."

"Oh are just wearing me out."

Kallie is the one upside down. And Klaire is getting a double chin...oink oink:)

"Okay Kallie, that's it, you just don't mess with my headband."

"Yippee mom picked Kallie up and just took a picture of me!"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More than surviving...?!?

Well time keeps marching on and somehow we are keeping up with all four kids and the necessities around the house. Last week was my first full week by myself and I'm pretty proud of myself for getting through it successfully. (My mom comes over often while Kevin is at work...but she was out of town.) So I lived, in fact it I even had all four of them asleep once or twice!

People want to know what our life is like right now and I guess the best way to describe it for me anyway is exhausted delight...? I thank God every single day for these kids and giving us this responsibility and I pray for endurance and patience. Words just can't even describe how grateful I am. My heart aches when I think about how much I love our family. I am soaking up every moment because Drew has taught me just how precious each moment is.

So speaking of moments, only have a few before little Kallie and Klaire start calling for me, so here are some of my favorite pictures from the last week.

Kallie on the right. Aren't they cutie pie's?!? I adore these pajamas.
L-dog is a our little tee-ball man and Lee-man the Hee-man is giving me his 'whatever mom' face already....what is this 2 going on 14?!?

Thanks Grandma for the egg stickers!

Perfect placement of the stickers of course from our little artist and perfectionist:)

They are smiling a lot more now! They like rattles and toys but still aren't grabbing at them yet. They continue to show more and more of their personalities. Klaire is needing more cuddling to get to sleep and Kallie is needing more rocking in order to drink her bottles. Klaire has a louder cry but Kallie's is more pitiful! And they both HATE having a poopy diaper, (the boys would have sat in it all day with out complaining) buddy you better change it immediately after they go. And these little girls have enough tears to fill a pool, they bring out the big tears every time they's breaks mommy's heart most of the time:)
Oh and Klaire is in purple polka dot...I have to remind myself constantly that other people can't tell them apart!