Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well, as you can see we had Batman, Luigi, Thing 1, and Thing 2 at our house last week! I had the idea for Thing 1&2 a long time ago and I couldn't find any store bought costumes, so I had to make them, but it didn't involve sewing so I was good! I just bought solid red jammies (which hard to find by the way) and pinned on the felt circles I made. I bought washable blue hair gel from Sally's and I made the bows. The hair gel washed right out thankfully....I was a little nervous because I just dove in and covered their heads with out testing it first!!!

Landon was VERY determined to be a superhero this year, even though Mario would have been adorable!! We certainly wanted him to be what he wanted and trust me he LOVED being Batman. It was all I could do to get him not to sleep in that costume every night. Last night, some lady told him, "Thanks for keeping us all safe Batman." That was a highlight of his evening. He is so into the holidays now and if it were up to him our house would be decked out in holiday decor year round.

Liam would have been happy to be just about anything this year, I think this is probably the last year that he won't have a strong opinion. He was very familiar with Luigi because he plays Mario Kart with Kevin and the old school Mario Brothers with my dad. We couldn't get the mustache on him unfortunately. That would have been awesome!! He told everyone he was "super fast!"

The girls loved all the attention they got. I however, was not quite prepared for it! We had people stopping us for pictures right and left, it was crazy. I guess I'm not meant to be a celebrity:)


We are having a hard time keeping everyone healthy in our house. We are on round three of illness running through the family in the last 10 weeks. I know we are just 'paying our dues' for having four kids and two in school, but this getting really stressful and expensive! We've all had the swine flu, we've had sinus infections, an ear infection, a lower uti, and now croup. Fun. Fun. Maybe we will get the worst behind us before Christmas?