Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cocoa and Garlic

You never know what things your kids are going to become attached to. You usually hope that it something sweet and cute like a teddy or blankie. Or maybe something that is good sized so that you don't loose it or maybe a new toy that you worked hard to find and bought special just for them. Well, our latest attachment had none of those qualities. Meet Cocoa and Garlic our pet sheep from Noah's Ark that are less than inch in size. These are Kallie's. She named them. Yes, she watches me cook a lot:) And well these tiny pieces of plastic haven't exactly been easy to keep up with, but somehow Cocoa and Garlic remain with us.

Now I would like to tell you about one of our adventures with our beloved sheep. It started off as a typical grocery store trip. Klaire had to have her teddy bear and Kallie had to have her sheep. They of course had to use the bathroom right when it was my turn to order at the deli and they of course had to loudly announce that it was #2 that needed to be done. Immediately. So off to the restroom. Ten minutes later and we are back to the deli. Kallie had a sheep in each hand and Klaire was happy with Teddy. Many people stopped us to talk about the girls and their experiences with twins as we are accustomed to. They were their usual content selves until about halfway through our very long list, when they started to get fidgety.

We were picking out some vinegar right in front of the Starbucks coffee station in our very busy grocery store when I hear a clink clonk and look down to see Garlic fall, hit the wheel of the cart, and fly under the isle shelving unit. Meanwhile Kallie is hysterical. I try to calm her down and then I bend down to see if I can retrieve Garlic. Bending down is not going to work. I get on my hands and knees and see that there is only about one inch of space between the floor and the shelf and still can't see the stupid sheep. And my hand won't fit under it. So I lay down on the floor. My cheek is on the tile. I repeat, my cheek is on the tile. I see Garlic about 8 inches under the shelf. For a split second I think, tell her it went bye bye. But I can't. I find a pen in my purse and get back on the floor. Kallie is standing up in the cart yelling "MY GARLIC!! MOM MY GARLIC!! I NEED MY GARLIC!! GET MY GARLIC!!!!!!!!!!OH NO NOT MY GARLIC" People are staring, but no one is helping me. I'm wishing that they knew it was a toy sheep that my child was freaking out over, but what is one to think when she is yelling for garlic?!?!?!? After what seems like eternity on the grocery store floor I almost give up, but Garlic is meant to be with us and I miraculously reach him with my pen on my last effort. As I hand her that silly sheep I'll I can do is laugh.

What we do for our kids right???

Well, after that Cocoa and Garlic got banned from grocery store trips and for the rest of the day they rode in my purse. The girls put the icing on the cake by dropping a basket full of grape tomatoes all over the floor as we were checking out. I laughed on the way back home and told Kevin my next grocery store trip would be kid-free even if that meant nine o'clock at night:) Little did I know that my next trip wouldn't be any better. Stay tuned for the raw chicken juice disaster.