Thursday, August 21, 2008

Randomness from last week

First, a shout out for the best cell phone ever. I know there are fancier ones around, but this pink razor was meant to be mine. Last week I left it outside in a thunderstorm over night! Oops! Next day I realized what I had done and I just knew it was toast....but against all odds it came back to life. Oh but that's not the first time this phone has been submerged. There was the time when it was swimming in the bottom of my purse in apple juice, the time when I spilled half a bottle of canola oil on top of it, the times that Liam got a hold of it while teething and I found him sucking/chewing on it, and the countless amount of times that it has been dropped in parking lots, tile floors, and any where else one can drop a cell phone!!!! So I'm thankful for a phone that can keep up with my craziness! And a tip for anyone who's cell phone gets soaked....take it apart and let it dry out before you try to turn it back on!

Secondly, a big thanks to my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws for the new maternity clothes! Here I am sporting my new tank top that says, 'It's not easy being quesy!' Love it! I think my belly has slowed down a bit, but I still can't believe this pooch for only being 14 weeks (13 in the picture)

Can you believe these goobers? Never a dull moment around here. I tell ya they can make those 32 inch waist shorts look like 40 right!!!!?!?!?

And this is just too good not to post. Minnie lays like this all the time with us on the couch and Kevin was trying to help her maintain some dignity for the photo op. HAHAHA!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All about Liam

My baby is not a baby anymore): He turned two almost a month ago and I didn't get many pictures from his party b/c I was making sure everyone got fed. Anyway, he had a Lightening McQeen party and almost every present he recieved had something to do with the movie Cars! He loved his cake, loved his presents, and loved the attention. Here are some things about Liam that I want to always remember:

-He is so affectionate
-He loves to cuddle with his blankie and his mommy and daddy
-He loves his broder (brother)
-He talks VERY well for his age
-He adores cars, trains, airplanes, and tractors
-He loves books
-He can count to 11 without missing any numbers
-He sings a very cute version of Jesus Loves Me, Thank you Jesus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC's, I will fight this fight (a song brother taught him)
-He is not afraid of strangers
-He is more opinionated than Landon was at this age
-He is sleeping in a big boy bed
-He has started telling me that he loves me and it melts my heart
-His least favorite foods are meat and cheese sandwiches and green veggies
-His favorite foods are pizza, pastas, borritos, fruit, crackers and ANYTHING sweet
-He has to sleep with blankie and suck his thumb to fall asleep at night
-He enjoys doing pretty much anything that brother is doing
-He always wants to wear a hat and sun glasses when he go out
-He stomps down the hall and puts himself in time out when he is upset
-He gets very excited when daddy comes home
-He loves pretending to be animals
-He knows most of his shapes, colors, and letters
-He weighs about 31 pounds and is 33 1/2 inches tall
-He is starting to say some funny things, I am going to have to start adding his quotes:)
-His nicknames are Lee Man & Chicunk (that's what Aunt DeDe and Uncle Collin call him b/c he that's how he pronouced chipmonks on our Colorado trip and b/c of his chubby cheeks:)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cooking....what cooking?

That pretty much sums up how I have felt about being in the kitchen the last couple months. We have had a lot of pre-made meals and we have been eating out much more than we usually do. I hate that but everything makes me nauseated of course.....I mean opening up the spice's just say I breathe threw my mouth a lot lately. Anyway, my goal of this post is not to wine about my nausea again, it is to share with you a couple great recipes. Because I actually tried some new things last night and made a decent meal for my family!

And also before I forget, I would like to say that my sweet husband, who is not very skilled in the kitchen (sorry honey:)...but he can grill and use his smoker well!), has been helping out so much. He made two meals last week all by himself and he has pretty much been doing all the dishes. Thank you Kevin!!

So the first recipe is for Creamy Tomato Soup without cream! A very healthy version and it was fantastic. Second recipe is for the BEST grill cheeses you will every eat. Third, is a summer dessert I grew up with.

Creamless Creamy Tomato Soup (Cook's Illustrated Magazine)

1/4 extra virgin olive oil
1 cup chopped onion
3 large cloves garlic, minced
pinch hot red pepper flakes (optional)
2 (28-ounce) cans whole tomatoes in juice
4 slices white bread crusts removed, cubed
1 Tablespoon brown sugar, packed (you can add more at the end if it is not sweet enough for your taste, but we liked the bold flavor with out more sugar)
2 cups chicken broth
Salt and pepper
fresh chopped basil for garnish

Heat oil in large pot on medium. Saute onions first, then add garlic. Cook until onions are clear and make sure not to brown garlic. Add hot pepper flakes if you want them. Next dump in tomatoes and their juices, let this simmer for a minute or two. Then add your bread cubes and brown sugar and let that simmer for about 5 minutes or until the bread is breaking down. Then get out your blender and puree this in two batches! Then return it to the pot and add the chicken stock and salt and pepper to taste. Let it simmer for another few minutes on low while you make your grill cheeses! Garnish with basil.

Best-Ever Grill Cheeses

1 bag of your favorite shredded cheese (I used mozzarella this time)
1 can of cream of mushroom soup ( I have done it with other cream soup flavors which are great too, but I thought this complimented the mozzarella really well)
1 loaf of sour dough or french bread

Mix thecream soup and cheese in a bowl. Stuff sandwiches with the mixture and butter the bread. Grill to desired doneness!!

Summer Strawberry Pie

2 cartons of strawberries
1 carton strawberry glaze (found in produce section..Albertsons and Kroger always have..but other places are hit and miss...and make sure you don't grab the sugar-free it is not nearly as good)
1 graham cracker crust
cool whip

Slice strawberries, mix with glaze in a big bowl, dump in pie shell, cover with cool whip. It's that easy and oh so refreshing! Keep refregerated! Sorry I did not get a picture of the pie:)

Oh and total side note, a couple comments from my previous post just disappeared! Has anyone ever had that happen? So fyi--Kelli and Angela I did not delete your comments!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Now that you know...

So now I can vent to you all about my pregnancy woes. First, I feel VERY blessed to be pregnant and I am very excited about having another little just keep that in mind while I talk about all my symptoms:)

Okay, I am soooooooo not one of those women that loves being way hose-a! I am in this for the end result! In fact, I have to tell myself on a daily bases, "it's all for the baby Laura, you can do this.....only 6 more months". SIX MORE months....ahhh:) Anyway, I am SO nauseated. I threw-up until week 24 with Landon and week 23 with can we hope for week 22 with this one??? I sure hope so! My mom puked the same amount of time....thanks mom:) But I know of some girls that puked the whole I'm SO SORRY for those of you who never get any relief until the end. Phinagrin (probably mis-spelled that) works well but I usually sleep for like 18 hours after I take one of those! So I take Zophran here and there and it helps a little, but then I get a killer head ache and even extra strength Tylenol can barely soothe it. So I am pretty much toughing it out. Nausea is definitely my biggest complaint at this point...but then there is the ligament pain that makes me double over, the hernia under my belly button is already back, my abdominal muscles have already separated again, my system is backed-up if ya know what I mean:), I'm peeing 2-3 times at night already, I'm crying all the time, my body pillow is giving me back aches (did anyone else have this problem...I can't figure out how to have good posture while I sleep with that thing!?!?!), and I'm my tummy is already huge!

Everyone has been teasing me about having twins because my belly has grown SO fast! I would not have been surprised to hear two heart beats at the doctor, but there was only one! I will tell all you girls that just have will pop out really fast with number two. And all you girls that have two and are going for will not be able to comfortably button your regular pants/shorts at 6 weeks!!! I'm already wearing some maternity clothes and I wish I was wearing more...but I am still forcing myself to do the rubber band thing for a little longer!! And I made myself my own bellaband:) A real bellaband would send me puking in 2 minutes of having it on, I can't have anything tight on at all.

So I will leave you with my latest crazy dream. The other night I dreamed that I had a really hard time pushing this baby out and then I passed out right when it came out and nobody woke me up until the next day. Then I woke up and was like where is my baby and everyone was like we didn't want to wake you up and then they handed me the baby and it was a boy with very curly hair!! Strange....but the dream seemed so real while I was having it!!!