Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Colorado Adventure Begins Tomorrow

Our 16 hour (for adults who don't stop much, it will likely be 22 hours at least for us!!) journey to the cabin begins tomorrow. Many would call a trip to the mountains a vacation, but we aren't ready to label this trip as such! And don't worry we aren't driving straight through, we might be brave, but we aren't stupid:) The girls might cry half the way up there and Landon and Liam might ask 'when will we be there?' 76 times and Kevin and I might just curl up in ball and shake back and forth when we get to stopping points.....but we can't miss out on an opportunity to go to the mountains!!!! I am actually very excited, not so much about the car rides, but for the parts in between. Fishing, hiking, four-wheelers, seeing family, hearing the river......yes it's going to be fun.

So I will take many pictures and might even post before we get home......?!?!? Say a prayer for us to have safe AND pleasant travel!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Some 5 month pics of the girls!

Miss Klaire.

Kallie loves her tongue lately. She sticks it out and touches it!! She is a goof ball.

I didn't have many pictures of Kallie and Klaire in the last album I uploaded, so here are several! They are doing great. They have been loving squash this last week. Sweet potatoes are up next. I surrendered to the homemade baby food. It tastes better and is cheaper. Why I decided to do this at this point in my crazy life.....I don't know. But they love it, wish I would have done it for the boys....I thought I was too busy. Funny I know.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Where to begin?

May where did that go...June humm...will it be July tomorrow? Our babies are 5 months old......can you believe that!?!? They might be small, but these girls can move. They are little wiggle worms....rolling and inching their way around. And talkers too. They have been so funny this week, they have been jabbering with such excitement and VOLUME! We may have a couple extroverts on our hands:) They are really getting into their toys and rice cereal too. In fact, I think we may introduce some veggies in the next week. They are sleeping from about 10:00ish to 6:00ish...pretty good we think! We have to go in a couple times at night to re-adjust them and pat them, but that's it. They take a great morning nap and then the two afternoons naps are rather sketchy.....the first is usually less than 30 minutes and the second is only an hour an half. So we are going to be cutting out that little cat nap very soon!!! It's just hard to entertain both of them from 10:00 to 3:30 with out a break!

The boys are doing well. Landon is growing an inch a week....his legs are getting SO long! Liam's vocabulary rocks! He is using some crazy big words all thanks to his super big brother! Landon has gone up to the elementary that he will be attending twice to meet the teachers and turn in some art work for a special tile project. I wish I had taken a picture of his drawing....I will when we get it back! T-ball is over. It was a lot of fun, but Kevin was playing softball at the same it was draining me.

Kevin's parents spent the last third of the month with us. Kevin and his dad, along with some help from Collin and our friend John, built a deck! We LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We are out there all the time now. The boys think it is awesome, they think they should get a popsickle out on the deck twice a day too!! We...humm....maybe I should say me.....have big plans for landscaping around the deck...but we are not doing to our yard until next spring. One step at a time. I wish I could snap my fingers and have the house painted and decorated and the yard landscaped...but I guess that wouldn't be any fun. So speaking of decorating......I know you have been waiting for the big reveal of the pink paradise. I think I am done for now in the nursery.....I would still like a shabby chic mirror...but I now Kevin is ready for me to focus my efforts into finishing the living room!

Let me tell you about our washer and dryer drama this week! At one point we were the proud owners of 3 washers and 3 dryers this week. Yep, six units. So the washer and dryer set that Kevin and I got (used for cheap) when we got married has been good to us. But we have had to fix the dryer twice in the last this week when it starting to bite the dust again, we said ENOUGH! So craigslist here we go. I weeded through all the ads all week, made lots of calls, sent plenty of emails, hit many dead ends, but then finally....the 'ONE' showed up. Less than five miles down the road, a newer matching set, for a great price, we go and pick it up, the family is so wonderful, we talk about hanging out some time, we get it home and hummm....what is this hose for Laura? I have no idea Kevin. Then it hits him. Gas dryer. We are all electric. Oh joy. So I guess we don't need underwear for tomorrow. Just kidding...:)

Anyway, we decided to keep the washer since we got a super deal on it and hunt for the matching ELECTRIC dryer (and if we didn't find the match, then we would mismatch again). Which by the way, the ad said that the gas one was electric...we just failed to check! After more searching I found the matching electric...hallelujah...oh but of course these folks don't want to split the set (even though they don't match!...ahhh). So fine, will buy your set too, and then sell your washer and the gas dryer as a set and our washer and dryer too. Kevin got the new ones hooked up today after a little more drama (thought we were going to have to wait three more days for some special screw to come in, but we luckily found one) and I have NEVER been more excited about doing laundry in my whole life!!!!!!!! And I can fit all most twice as much in this machines.....hooray!!

That and take care of our 12 kids is about all I did this week:) Oh and did I mention our vaccum went out the week before (and it is less than two years old). Our house functions on survival mood with out everything pooping out on us....this week I think we limped along! Mom, I need you back in Texas to do our laundry!!!!

I had too many pictures to post, so please just follow this link to a picasa album. There are two of Landon playing t-ball and one of the girls eating cereal. Enjoy! Oh and I'm updating the boys quotes with some new favorites....I feel bad that Liam, Kallie, and Klaire's quote list will never be as long as Landon's because I just had ONE talker to keep up with!!!