Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our little princesses

Klaire. Kallie.

I was out taking these pictures this afternoon and thought gee I should really do a post about Kallie and Klaire today. So I am giving myself a pat on the back right now:) Aren't they looking so grown-up?!?! I got these dresses at Target and Klaire was a bit disappointed that her flowers weren't purple. As many of you know, Klaire is all about purple and Kallie is all about pink. We have been fortunate to have many hand-me-downs from another set of twins so we don't have to shop for clothes as much, but when we do, I try to find outfits that come in a pink and purple version. Thus the reason Klaire was wondering why hers had pink flowers. Well, we can't always get the perfect outfit right ladies! ;)

As we know, one of the challenges of being a mom of identical twins is knowing how uniquely different and individual your twins are when many people around them do not. Before becoming a mom of identicals I hadn't thought much about twins or what life might be like for them, so I don't fault people for not going the extra mile to get to know our girls. I wouldn't have either. And it's hard to truly get to know any child (or adult!) without spending lots of quality time with them and they are only three. However, they are already so different that it makes me want them to be known individually very much.

So I guess I am realizing that I am going to have to be more of an advocate for their uniqueness. When they are older I am sure they will tell EVERYONE all about how different they are with out my help! But for now, here's what I think.

Miss Kallie. Or Kallie-Co. Or Kallilily. Or Pips (short for pipsqueak)

She is a perfectionist. She is super sensitive. She loves to please us and gets very distraught when she doesn't and will often appologize to us multiple times. But she is also not afraid to get into trouble and can be very stubborn. She is the first to run to hug one of us when we get home and she tends to feel the need to tell us bye more than the other kids. She loves to read so much that she sits and rereads her books every day. She sometimes retells the story as is and sometimes we get a totally new one. She also LOVES to sing. Oh my goodness. Just ask the boys, it drives them bonkers. She makes up a new song every day it seems. She plays by herself well and tends to be a bit more on the intraverted side. She is very detail-oriented and doesn't let me miss a thing. She hates going to sleep with a messy room, so we almost always clean it completely before nap and bed time. She uses a napkin at every meal. She is bit clingy in new situations, but always ends up doing whatever it is (birthday party, playground, etc.) She jumps off of everything and loves to do 'backflips' (a somersault on my bed onto pillows) and run. Her favorite animal is a pink flamingo of course and her favorite food is pancakes with whipcream and fruit. She has a dimple and a smile that Landon really loves. She also loves to tell jokes and get people to laugh. She is very affectionate.

Miss Klaire. Or Klaire Bear. Or Squeak/Squeakers (once again a take on pipsqueak)

She is not a perfectionist! We really wish she would be at mealtime, the girl eats like she has been raised by a pack of wolves. :) Really she does. She is my kid that can't stand not knowing what I am doing. And she is so curious. She asks many questions. Not as many as Landon, but he didn't have as many kids to compete for attention with at this age! She is also very stubborn, buts gets over things faster than Kallie. She isn't as sensitive....emotionally that is. She loves anything that has to do with ballerinas. She LOVES to twirl and move like a ballerina. She tells all with her facial expressions and loves the attention she gets from them. She has always had the most amazing pouty lip. She has a very unique way of pronouncing some of her words, it's hard to describe, but it is adorable to us. She says flamily (family). She likes to sing, but she prefers to sing songs she already knows instead of making up new ones. Ask her about her shape song. I think she is more of an extravert at this point. Her favorite animal is a purple flamingo (i think they are on the endangered list;) and her favorite food is grapes.....purple ones. She also loves to jump and run and is pretty brave in new situations as well. She loves to give me cheezy smiles as you can see in the second picture I posted. She told me yesterday after tripping twice outside, that she is allergic to walking. Love it. She is also very affectionate and loves for us to rub her back and play with her hair.

They both love their brothers, school, church, their friends, the Jesus book (their bible), and playing outside. They get into lots of mischief together that I think otherwise they wouldn't. Like coloring each other with sharpies and my chairs. Washing each other's hair with sand. Sneaking my make-up. Having water fights instead of washing their hands. The list goes on an on:)

But they are very very special and bring us so much joy! Love you girls!