Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Twins and Pictures

Okay, so i figured this would be a good time for my first post since many of you out there are very interested to see pictures of the babies and Laura will probably not be available to write a post for a few days. It has been a whirlwind 2 days and we are exhausted, but the good news is that the babies are healthy and breathing on their own. Right now we just need to them to feed well, grow, and learn to eat from a bottle or a breast. Hopefully if all goes as planned we will be able to keep this hospital stay relatively short, perhaps 3 - 4 weeks.

I am going to let Laura tell the story of the events leading up to the birth and the birth itself, because I would probably leave too many holes and leave out some of the little details. We did get some side by side pictures today and they look a lot alike, but you will have to wait for a few days to get those pictures. So without further ado here is Kallie Layne and Klaire Elise. Enjoy.

Klaire 1

Klaire 2

Klaire 3

Klaire 4

Klaire 5






Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today is the day!!!!

Lyndi just texted me with the girls weights:
Kallie--3.13 lbs
Klaire--4 lbs
Lyndi said that they are doing well and they aren't even needing oxygen!
The girls are here! Kevin just called and Laura is in the recovery room. Kallie entered the world at 10:31 a.m. and Klaire followed at 10:43. Kevin said they didn't know their weights or other details yet. He is hoping to go see the girls here shortly! Be praying for those girls and for Laura. Kevin said that Laura had a tough time but she did it!

UPDATE..Laura's dad just called (10:00) and Laura is dilated to a 9!

This is April and I thought that I would let everyone know that Laura is in the hospital having the girls!! Her sister, Lyndi is keeping me updated so I will post when I find out new information. As of about 9:00 Laura was dilated to a 4 and she had just gotten her epidural. Be praying for Laura, Kallie and Klaire....and Kevin too!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The boys both liked seeing Santa, but they were annoyed with all of us telling them to say 'cheese'!! Santa's helpers were so concerned about the picture that boys didn't get to talk much to Santa. But he did ask them what they wanted and they said trains and cars. Afterwards, I asked Landon what he thought about seeing him and he said, "I thought he was lovely mom." :) Oh so polite when he wants to be! Liam said he would like to go back and see him again.

Today we made this gingerbread house as a family. It was just as much fun for us as it was for the kids. Kevin and are so excited about playing 'Santa' tonight. We are about to read a book to the boys about baby Jesus and drink some hot cocoa. Tomorrow we are going to put candles in our walnut bread (a delicious bread that Kevin's mom always makes for Christmas) and sing 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus.
I am so excited to be to this day and be home! Thanks for your prayers. We wish you a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Still hanging in there!

I'm still just on modified bedrest and no sign of labor yet! Yeah! I'm miserable, but the girls are getting stronger every day that they stay put, so that keeps me going. My doctor is very pleased with my progress and really thinks I can make it four more weeks! AHHHH! He says I don't know what miserable is yet.....that's scary. Seriously scary. Pray for my endurance and attitude.

Anyway, one week ago the girls were estimated at 3.0 pounds (Kallie) and 3.10 pounds (Klaire). So miss Klaire is being a little bit of a hog. However, my doctor says not to be concerned right now, we are monitoring their growth very carefully and Kallie is still growing. So if it gets to be over a pound difference and Kallie's weight gain starts to level out than we will talk about taking them early. But right now the goal is five pound babies. So pray that Klaire shares her food and that Kallie keeps gaining as steadily as her sister! (We've had them named based on their 'sides of my tummy' for a couple months now! It helps me to feel closer to them.)

So we still don't have middle names. Well correction, I have middle names......I'm just waiting on Kevin to make up his mind!! I have given him my favorite options, but he still can't commit and that's fine. As long as we have something in case I go into labor!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I think I can. I think I can.

It has been a while since my last post because my ability and desire to sit in front of the computer is dwindling. So my posts may be a little shorter:)

First of all, everyone wants to know what name we changed. I forgot to mention that last time! Right now we going with Kallie and Klaire. Still no definite middle names, but I think we are getting closer. Picking two names at once is tough!

Last Thursday I decided to practice the whole hospital thing. I was having contractions all morning and so doc decided to have me come in and be monitered. Sure enough I was having plenty of contractions, but nothing consistant or to be concerned about and my cervix was still closed. Being in a labor and delivery room brought about many memories, some wonderful and some not so wonderful:) I'm on modified bedrest and basically only getting out to take Landon to preschool and go to the doctor. Other than that, Kevin and my mom are doing my shopping and it's great!!!

Showers! We have had two wonderful showers. Thanks to all the hostesses and everyone that blessed us with gifts for the girls. We are just so thankful! Here are some pictures from the showers.

Isn't my sister's cake amazing. I call it her 'masterpiece'!

The boys are doing great. Landon told everyone at preschool last Thursday that the doctor was trying to stop my reactions. Ha! Love it. We have an ultrasound tomorrow and I'll try to give another update later this week.

Monday, December 1, 2008


We had a restful Thanksgiving, or at least I did! Kevin was a busy little bee getting all of our Christmas decorations up. Thanks honey. The boys are gearing up for Christmas. Landon is telling Liam all about Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, stockings, reindeer, etc. And of course Liam is just thrilled to have more things to talk about with his brother. You ought to hear them lately...they are just too cute. Liam will say, "Come here Wandon I need you." or "Wandon, lets go on a mission to outer space!". Today Landon accidental bonked Liam and so he came over, hugged him, and said, "It was an accident Liam, I love you too much to do something to hurt you." How sweet is that?!? They have only been physical with each other 2 times that I can remember and I know they will do plenty of that later on. But for now, our boys are pretty stinking sweet.

So I we had an ultrasound yesterday. It went very well. My doctor came in at the end to look at some things and he said he was very pleased that the girls were not sitting very low in my pelvis, the amniotic fluid measurements look good, and their sizes look good. The girls have done a switcheroo on us too. They didn't switch sides, but the one who was head down and slightly smaller is now head up and slightly bigger and the one who was head up and slightly bigger is now head down and slightly smaller! Sorry that was a lot to follow! But they are estimated at 2.10 and 2.15 right now and are looking very healthy.

So I let Landon come with me to this ultrasound and he was so excited to say the least. He charmed all the people in the office and nearly made me and the ultrasound tech wet our pants. In the middle of the ultrasound he ran over to the tech, grinned from ear to ear, and said, "This was the look I had on my face when my mommy pooped me out!" I thought I was going to die of laughter and embarrassment all at the same time. So I of course had to explain to her our recent talk with Landon. She thought the whole thing was worthy of America's Funniest Videos. I agree, if only we had captured our talk on video.....we would have won for sure!!

And we have changed one of the names of the girls:) Yep! But we still don't have middle names! Help! We don't care what letter they start with!

Here are some pictures from last week. We really like to play musical furniture at our house right now and Landon's room has gone from his room, to office, to playroom/office, to nursery/office all in 4 months. Landon and Liam are sharing a room and have been since August, they enjoy it very much and it is working well for our little house and our growing family. We weren't planning on doing a nursery for the girls in this house b/c we are putting it on the market in January, but Kevin got the itch after he surprised me with new dressers for the girls. So he painted the room pink last week and we are going to set it up to look like a nursery, but for now my desk is where a crib would go (and yes we are getting two cribs and sadly two will not fit in the room!). We hope to buy a house next year that has really big secondary bedrooms and let the boys share one and the girls share one. If all goes as we hope, we will get into a new house by July b/c Landon is going to Kindergarten and we need to be in the school district we want before school starts up! But if we have to manage here for another year, we will do that too!