Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sweet Drew. My mom is 50!! Liam is too cute for words and the dog park rocks.

Our nephew Drew: Well, he got to go home last Wednesday, but he wasn't home 24 hours before he had another 'seizure'. They rushed him back to the Children's hospital and found that it was isolated to his left arm. The good news is they were able to run an EEG while it was happening and long story short, they have decided that it is not looking like epilepsy. However, they think it could be something deeper. Possibley genetic, spinal, or chromosomal. Please, please continue to lift him and his family up in your prayers. I can only imagine how scared and stressed Kari and Jordan are right now. Pray that the doctors can give them answers soon.
My beautiful mother turned the big 5-0 a few weeks ago. My dad surprised her by hiring a 'Fairy-godmother' to come talk/sing to her infront of many people and it was hilarious!! My sis and I made and 'over-the-hill' display with pictures of her up one side and 'old people' stuff down the other.

On to Liam. I can't tell you how many times a day Liam does something or says something so precious. He went through a phase for a few weeks where he was (in our opinion) a bit of a pill back in April and early May, but now he is rarely throughing his little fits and obeys us when give him simple commands. When Kevin says, "Liam, it's time to change your diaper.", he comes over, grabs Kevin's hand and they walk back to his room together. I don't know why, but I think it is the sweetest thing. He adores Landon and they are still playing together really well. Landon is very pleased that Liam is talking so much now. The other day we were all playing hide-in-go-seek and Liam surprised us by going up to the wall, covering his eyes, counting 1-2-3, and saying, "Ready, not here i come. Here comes Weeim (Liam)" :)

The stuffed dog is their horse 'Flower-cut' and they take him on many adventures.

We had so much fun at the dog park. Minnie was shy, which was VERY unusual. But it was good for her to be around other dogs and Landon just had a hay day petting all the other fluff balls:)

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Okay, sorry I haven't posted an update in a while. All of Drew's tests have come back normal, so there is still no explanation for the seizure, BUT they have ruled out a lot of bad stuff. So he is nursing and gaining back weight and muscle and will likely get to go home tomorrow or monday. He will go home on anti-seizure medicine and they will monitor his electrode activity on a regular basis.

Praise God for no brain damage. They are going to have to keep a close eye on him always. Pray for them as it will be nearly impossible for them to take their eyes off of him when they are home. Sleeping is going to be stressful, but they are going to keep him close to them and invest in some monitors for some peace of mind.

As for us, we are doing well and loving every minute of our holiday weekend! Kevin got a smoker for his birthday, so we are going to smoke some meat, do some yard work, maybe go to the pool, and just enjoy family time!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thanks for praying

Last I heard Drew is more awake today and Kari was going to try to nurse him this evening. They still haven't heard from the metabolics team and they have to do another EEG test. Thanks for praying guys! Keep it up! They want prayers specifically for him to gain back lost muscle, nurse well, and good results on the tests.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update on Drew

Drew is doing better today. He had his oxygen removed this morning and has been breathing on his own just fine. He might get to have his second IV removed tonight since he is tolerating his milk through his feeding tube. His other IV distributes his medication and he will continue to stay on anti-seizure medication for quite some time. Kari has been able to hold him three times now and Jordan once. Eventhough he is off of the medications that were putting into a 'como-state' he still has not really woken up. He has whinned, squirmed, and opened his eyes breifly though. They are not concerned about that at this point. They don't think that he will be alert until about Wednesday next week. Please continue to pray for him. They would especially like prayers for the results on his metabolics tests and EEG.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Please Pray for Drew

Our nephew Drew who is 9 months old is in ICU. He had a two hour seizure Wednesday night and wasn't running a fever. The doctors don't have any answers yet for Kari and Jordan (his parents). They have done an MRI and that came back normal. They will run several more tests today. He has been in a drug induced 'coma-state' and they are going to let him come out of it today and possibley remove his breathing tube. He has been restrained to keep his IV's, feeding tube, and breathing tube in place, therefore, they have not been able to hold him yet. Please pray for him and his family. My heart aches for them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Noodles and Cowboys???

For the last few months, Landon has been telling us that he wants to be a 'noodle-maker' when he grows up! He has been dead set on this career until yesterday. We were driving and out of no where he says, "Mom I think I could be a good cowboy when I grow up." I said, "Ya, I think you would make a great cowboy, but I thought you wanted to be a noodle-maker?" Landon, "Oh yeah..." Me, "Well, maybe you can be both someday." Landon, "Great idea mom! I can ride on my horse to take all of my noodles to my friends. I have to use my imagination now." Me, "Oh your imagination huh?" Landon, "Well I won't have to use it when I'm growned-up mom, because then it will be real." Me, "Oh, of course. Silly mommy."

So watch out world, Landon is going to be the first noodle-delivering cowboy:)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Holy cow I have a four year old.

Time is flying by with these kiddos. Landon is a little boy now, and not a toddler. My little preemie that came into this world weighing a mere 3 pounds is riding a bike and reading. I love looking back at all of his pictures and reflecting on what we were doing as a family, milestones he was hitting, milestones he wasn't hitting:), outfits he was wearing....and the list goes on and on. Watching him grow up right before my very eyes is bittersweet. I am so proud of his accomplishments, but at the same time it is hard for me to watch him loose a tiny piece of his innocence every day. He wants to know about more about heaven, death, jobs, places in the world, how babies get out of bellies:), how time works....concepts that make him understand more, but make him less innocent at the same time. And just so you know, we only tell him what he needs to know at this point on those subjects.

But at the same time I am eager to see what the future holds for my cheery, witty, blue-eyed little perfectionist. I know that he has many of the same personality characteristics that I had as a child and so I am hoping that that will help me as a parent know how to better meet his needs. On a side note, Kevin had a great idea...he thinks I should keep a running list of Landon's most famous quotes under my links on the right-had side of our blog. So be watching for that, I am definitely going to do that. Nobody should missing out on what Landon has to say:)

Well, on to the party! Landon's birthday cake turned out pretty cute despite my lack of time and desire to do it:) He wanted Little Einsteins this year instead of Thomas which is kind of earth shaddering. He actually got to have two parties, one small one while we were in Orlando and then another one when we got home. These are pictures from the second one. As you can tell he got a bike from us. He loves it and is getting more and more confident on it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm finally doing it ladies...

To my dear friends who have tagged me...Jennifer, Lane, Kristen, and Lindy....I'm sorry it has taken me so long to do this. I guess I don't like talking about myself! I'm going to pick a few questions from each of your posts. Here goes.

-What is the nearest book to me? My Southern Living 'Our Best Recipes' is going to have to count for a book! I love cooking magazines.
-Gone on a blind date – Nope
-Skipped school – yeah, once my senior year in high school.
-Watched someone die – Thankfully, no.
-Been to Canada – yes, Calgary and British Columbia
-Been to Mexico – yes, Honeymoon and cruiz w/ my fam
-Been to Florida – Several times
-Been lost - Oh yeah. Few times as a kid and as an adult...driving w/ me in a new place is an adventure.
-Two things that you despise that no one knows about you - Weeds and negative people
-Name something fun you want to do in your life. - Live overseas, design our dream home from the ground up
- Something that gives you joy, then something that gives you happiness. - Aren't those like synonyms? Well....I would have to say my awesome little family.
- Biggest Fear in Life - That I will not do enough for the kingdom & that one of our children will die young.
- A secret talent you would like to possess - I've always wanted to be a professional ice-skater. Kristy Yamaguchi you are still my hero.
- Something that is consuming your thoughts lateley - preparing to launch our business, making sure Liam knows who is the boss, thoughts of being pregnant one more time, and my sister's upcoming wedding--which words can't even describe how rediculously happy and relieved I am that she found her husband.
- List 7 random things about yourself - 1) I say 'pop' rather than coke even though we live in the south 2) I can't stand the sound of styrofoam rubbing together 3) I've had two rather weird surgeries to fix the following- spigelian hernia and pilonidal cyst 4) I would rather drink water than anything else 5) I still suck my thumb 6) That was a joke. Seriously people, that would be gross. 7) I had a down-syndrome cat growing up-no lie.

Okay now you know way more about me than you ever wanted to:)