Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another week flew by!

Can somebody slow down time for me? Please! It seems like this was just yesterday:

Landon was 27 months and Liam was a newborn....aren't they so little?!? So people have been asking if the girls look more like Landon or Liam...which is funny b/c with the boys it was do they look more like you or Kevin!! Ha. Anyway, here are some baby pictures of the boys. I personally, think that all of our children look pretty similiar as babies and we won't know who the girls really look like for a while.

Landon - he had more hair than the girls do and a widow's peak and his hair is bit lighter.
Landon in his little bear outfit:)

Now this is Liam.
And this is Liam - he had the most hair! And his is the darkest. Liam has hazel eyes and it looks like the girls are going to have blue. Here are some pictures now of the girls from a month or two ago.

Miss Kallie.

Miss Klaire.

Klaire on the right. So as you can see, they all kind of have similiar facial features, but they do have some differences too. Anyway, I can't believe how quickly the baby phase goes by. I am cherishing every single moment with not just the girls, but the boys too because I'm going to wake up one day to four teenagers!!! Kids are so much fun, I can't imagine not being a mom.

Anyway, we managed to get to church again and here are some picture from this weekend. Oh and the girls slept through the night for the first time last night. Eight hours. Yep, both of them. It was incredible....cross your fingers for tonight. I should be in bed right now since they are snoozing, but hey I've got to squeeze in a little computer time or else I'll go crazy!

Two above are Klaire and two below are Kallie.

Great Grammie and Grandpa finally got to meet the girls!

Klaire - seriously chilled out.
Kallie - even more chilled out!

Kallie could barely keep her peepers open for these pictures!

Cuddle time:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

First time to church

The girls will be twelve weeks old tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. Time flies by faster the older you get and the more kids you have I've decided! Well we ventured to church for the first time as a family of six yesterday and it was wonderful to be back. Three months away from church has really been hard. I have missed our praise and worship and fellowship so much! The boys were so happy to see their friends and teachers too. The girls were blessed before the church by a long time family friend and our elders and of course they had to prove that they are real babies and cry a little during the prayer:)

They were all 'prettied up' as Kevin calls it and boy was daddy proud of them. He carried both of them into church with a huge grin, I offered to carry one...but he said he could do it:)
Here are their outfits from yesterday. I meant to get a family picture, but it just didn't happen! Klaire weighed 8 pounds and Kallie 7.8 last week at their check-up. Doc says they are just perfect.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stay'n Alive

Our lives are just wild! I have been wanting to blog for two weeks and here I am just now doing it! Moving is over. The boxes are unpacked and now painting and decorating have begun. We've had so much help from our families and we could not have done it with it them! We love our new house, we have so much more space. I will post pictures when we get some things up on the walls. They boys are LOVING their play room and wow so are Kevin and I! The girls are growing like weeds...they haven't been weighed in a few weeks but I think they are getting close to 8 pounds...especially Klaire! Having twins is such an adventure let me tell ya, but it is so worth it. I have loved cuddling with all my babies, but there is just something pretty special about having one asleep on each shoulder.

Minnie wishes that I would rock her to sleep too!

Kallie left, Klaire right.I couldn't get them smiling at the same time, but they were being so cute.
Kallie looking at camera.
Klaire looking at camera and Kallie is trying to see if Klaire's cheek tastes good.
The boys get to keep their super awesome teepee up all the time now in the play room. Nanna made this for them for Christmas!
You should hear Landon and Liam talk like cowboys. They talk real slow with a major southern accent and they talk about the wild wild west and their horses:)It is not often that the boys want to hold their sisters, but when they do it sure is adorable.
Landon asked to rock Klaire last night. He said okay mom I got this, you can go do the dishes now. So sweet. He called me back in with in two minutes....but hey it was the thought that counted!
Klaire couldn't stop staring at Daddy the other night.Kevin's parents came down and helped us move and take care of all four munchkins.Our nephew Lincoln, brother-in-law Mark, and the boys in the front of the moving truck, check'n it all out.

Klaire is getting a good look at her Aunt Nicci. Kevin's sister and her family came down from Denver to help us move and didn't even tell us they were coming! They just knocked on our door, it was an amazing surprise.

This past weekend Aunt Penny came and we celebrated her birthday. Landon and Liam had three birthday parties for her!