Saturday, May 21, 2011

Drum roll please.....The Playroom

First I must thank my in-laws for helping us SO MUCH with this project! Secondly, thanks to all of you that have given us advice on how to accomplish this. Listening to other people's initial thoughts on design projects helps me make decisions, even if I don't head that direction I at least know of another way to go! I can't believe I put up with white walls upstairs as long as I did, but I guess patience has paid off, we are very pleased with the turn out.

Some of these pictures were taken by my friend Sarah and used on her wonderful blog,, which featured some of my decorating:) You will notice that the wall color changes from picture to picture...I would say that the picture that captures it most accurately is #3 and #4. It is an aqua with a slight turquise tent, it was both Kevin and I's first choice out of the samples we got. So that choice was easy!
The wall vinyl came from etsy, I felt a bit bad for not designing it myself, but we were crunched for time and I was very pleased with the way the artist drew the swirls. The huge foam bags have soft microsuede covers that are machine washable! And when they arrived at our front door they were in the tiniest boxes which worried me, but then we found out they were vaccum sealed and we got to watch them grow which was very cool.

All right the art area is my favorite part of the room. I love how balanced it is:) The pencils were made by my father-in-law and we added the knobs for the hanging art bags that I am in the process of making. The sheet metal for displaying art was my friend Lauren's idea and it is perfect. No tacks to worry about and the kids can hang their pictures all on their own.

Remember the old primary colored table and chairs? Not me, I have blocked that from my memory:) A little paint and some super easy stool covers and waaalaaa.

We talked about built in storage cabinets down the long wall, but decided it would be smarter to put money into something that we can take with us when we leave this house. Also, the padded leather bench is very kid friendly because it doesn't smash fingers. I am in love with that bench and I'm so glad Kevin let me get it:)

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the tour! I need a big fun rug, but I'm finding them to be so pricey! This rug is made out of gumball size balls and I want one pretty bad but they are charging an arm and leg.........I guess it takes many hours to string one together and the balls are expensive. I looked into making one myself, but still doesn't make sense. Anyway, check it out:

Look at me posting twice this month.........I feel like I just did an extra credit project:)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blog Slacker.

Here's Texas weather for ya, we were in swimsuits Saturday and on Sunday we had hail that didn't melt off all day because it was so cold.

Klaire looks so grown up in this picture!

Rain Forrest Cafe for Landon's Birthday dinner.

Singing him happy birthday, Liam is wondering if he gets icecream too. Haha

Before we went to Rain Forrest we went to Legoland also for Landon's birthday.

After the ride, he decided he wasn't a big fan!

Legoland had a pink room that the girls enjoyed. They want to be like Landon and Liam so much!

Our big seven year old...........what!!!!!!!!! Oh and everything in this room is made out of legos. Amazing.

Liam showing us his punch move. He told me the other day if he ran into a real bear in the woods he would try to fight it instead of running away. Unfortunately, I believe him!!!!!!

So I made headbands for the girls for Easter that turned well, but got a little lazy on the dresses and as you can see I pinned on some flowers instead of sewing them:) But look at that hair! They let me curl it!

Venture Easter Egg Drop. Our church had eggs dropped from a helicopter which was so awesome I forgot to snap a picture! Oh and I had all four of them by myself which usually plays a factor in how many pictures I take:) But it was a great outreach to the community and the kids had a great time.

A new found love. And let me say that every family needs a set of corn cob holders, your kids will think they are the coolest.

I have to admit it, I am not the blogger I used to be. I posted 62 times in 2008......and I have posted 4 this year. And I heard through the grapevine that my blog is getting boring and well I guess you are right....................................oh and I know who you are;) heheheehee

Well, I guess I am going to have to spice it up to make up for the lack of frequency!! So I am going to try to do better! Ya'll stay tuned for the playroom finished results and my latest embarassing grocery store story.............