Thursday, July 9, 2009

We're back!

We successfully made our first road trip as a family of six. It was an adventure from the get-go but we did it! We drove through rain, hail, snow (on the side of the road), and 105 degree weather. We had a mile marker pole punch hole through our bumper (not my fault!). We had a van go from spotless to mud covered disaster. We had moments of silence and hours of crying. We had conversations about turning around and going home and conversations about how we could do this again at Christmas! It was crazy...but we are glad we did it.

So during the trip I decided to start a list of all the funny things that had been said either btw Kev and I or the kids. Here is what I managed to write:

Landon to us about 15 minutes down the road, "Are we in Colorado yet?"

Landon about 45 minutes down the road, "Are we in a new state yet?"

Landon about 1 hour down the road, "Are we still in Texas?"

**We continued to get a 'are we there yet' question about every 15 to 20 minutes from Landon until Kevin had had enough and told him that we would just tell him when we got to a new state!

Landon, "Why is Texas so big?" How can Texas be so big?" Why didn't we fly? I really wanted to fly. Flying is more fun and we would be there faster on a big jet. But I don't know if I can wait this long."

Liam after having many snacks and me having to cut him off, "I need just one wittle bite to make me happy though..."

Me to Kevin at a gas station, "Help, Klaire just pooped all over my arm."

Me to Kevin, "You have got to be kidding me, there is a huge pile of poop in Klaire's car seat."

Me to Liam, "Get up off the bathroom floor!!" Next stop, "Liam! Get up off the bathroom floor!"

Me to Landon, "Don't put that....!!!!!!!! know not to eat food that's on the floor!"

Landon to me after we decided to let him sleep in tent, "Chocolate chip cookie your cool." (a Landon original. I must be super cool.)

Kevin to Landon, "Let's go eat breakfast..Nanna made Pigs-in-a-blanket." Landon looks confused. Kevin, "You know..little weenies wrapped in biscuits." Landon, "Those are different than human weenies right?"

Liam said some really cute things about the mountains and the cabin but I can't remember them and I didn't get them written down. The boys did so well in the car....really other than Landon's bazillion questions and them needing me to crawl to the back seat OFTEN...they were little angels. The girls did do some crying, but they were happy more than sad in the car so we are thankful for that!

The girls turned 6 months old while we were gone! Crazy how much faster your kids grow up the more you have! They are really getting fun...we are seeing more and more personality. They want to crawl and sit up on their own but they aren't ready just yet. They oink their baby food....except for apple sauce and pears....they seem to be liking veggies more than fruits which is totally backwards from what the boys did. But I know it is only a matter of time before they figure that one out:) They are really starting to get into each other...they make each other laugh and want to grab each other and the other one's toy.

Liam is going to be 3 on Friday and as you all know that is very bittersweet for me. He still sucks his thumb to fall asleep and sleeps with blankie and loves to cuddle and let me play with his hair and he can't say his 'L's' and 'R's" very often and I JUST WANT TO KEEP HIM THIS WAY FOREVER. I know I know other phases are fun and we will have experiences with him at each age that we can only have at that age, but he has been an adorable toddler. I hated seeing Landon leave this stage too, but it is harder for me with Liam. Anyway, I will post about his birthday in a couple weeks...

Here is an album from our trip!

Colorado Summer 2009