Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet Brother. Sharing. And Six!

Liam is working on being a sweeter brother to his sisters. He thinks they are out to get him!!! He can't stand that they don't know how to share yet and that they don't follow his directions. Landon went through this with Liam when he was this exact age and then at about 18 months it got so much better. So we are only a couple months away, but until then we are working hard on Liam. It is tough for him because the girls are all up in his business all the time and there are two of them!! But we are slowly making progress, and he does have lots of tender moments with them. I happened to capture the one below. He asked for me to take a picture of him with them.
We must be raising some 'ladies men' because Katelyn has decided that she wants to marry Liam (she is in his preschool class). And he agreed. He sometimes forgets her name......minor details I guess when you're engaged at age three:)

They are fenced in because a Petting Zoo came to their preschool!

Baskets and boxes are popular at our house. The girls get rides down the hall all the time and since there is never a shortage of laundry at our house, there are always plenty of baskets lying around for them to choose from! I caught a very average moment on camera with them yesterday. They both look at the basket, turn it over together, try to get on together, but then disaster strikes and a fight breaks out!! But mommy steps in and makes everyone happy as you can tell. Sharing is hard for toddlers, but these girls are going to master it earlier than normal out of necessity:)

We have a six year old. What? Six? Yep, it's hard to say but it's true. He had a great celebration last weekend with friends, family, and some classmates. His two best friends, Margo and Keran, are sitting right next to him. He and Margo still plan on getting married....but Keran is next in line I guess! He had a Magic School Bus cake....and let me tell you that it is hard to find Magic School bus stuff these days. I remember watching that show.....anyway he loved his party. He told someone when they asked if he felt any different now that he was six, 'that he didn't...but he did feel better treated.' What a goof. If only it could be your birthday everyday right?!?!

Landon is such a ham that I didn't even have to pose these pictures. He had his own ideas.

He is just as handsome on the inside as he is on the outside. We are so proud of him. He talks about God and Jesus and Heaven all the time. He (and Liam too actually) tell us a few times a week that we are the best parents in the world (good parenting is such a challenge and trust me we feel like we mess up all the time, so it is nice to hear that they really do value what we are doing despite our shortcomings) and that they never ever want to loose us. They say it to each other too, which makes me want to cry every time. Landon is setting a wonderful example of how to be sweet to Kallie and Klaire (now we just need Liam to follow:), he is so giving and thoughtful to his friends, I could just go on and on!

Monday, April 5, 2010

This and that.

Artichokes anyone????????????????????????
Yep, that's a slug you're looking at and yes he did come home with me from the grocery store. I about chopped my finger off when I saw his little head peeping out at me. And then I almost loaded everyone up to go back to the store and give them back our special gift.....and if I didn't have all the kids I would have. I didn't want to chew anyone out or anything, I just wanted to see what they would give me!!! Even though I washed the artichokes and steamed them I couldn't eat them....but Kevin and Landon did!!!
Guess I will be washing my produce a little better now!!!!!!!!!!!

These are Liam's cowboy muscles and they grow every time he takes a bite. Just wait until you hear his cowboy voice......he takes his southern accent to a whole new level!!!!

Double and Trouble or Pip and Squeak in their their don't pinch me St.Patrick's day outfits:)
These girls are keeping me on my toes. They want to play with everything they shouldn't and they are sneaky too!

I forced them into these outfits and they paid me back by not smiling in any of the gazillion pictures I took.

They love to play with daddy and anyone else who will lay down on the floor and let them pounce on them!!

All four of them were watching cute to see all of them together. The boys usually go off and play on their own, so when Kallie and Klaire get to have them they are very excited. Notice how Klaire is pulling Kallie's pony tail out.....ya that happens every day. And Kallie is actually worse about it than Klaire.