Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School!!

Our big second grader and brave kindergartener started school two weeks ago and they are both doing great. They got awesome teachers and we are adjusting much more easily than we did when Landon went to Kindergarten!! It helps that the girls are two years older and Liam is willing to let me drop him off in carline;) I just had a memory of me feeding the girls bottles and getting everyone fully dressed and feed and then unloading everyone at 7:30 to walk Landon up the hill and all the way to his door...........ahhh.......I know there were days that God gave me supermom endurance and patience.......

Kallie and Klaire started Mother's Day Out/Preschool last week and they love it! And mommy does too-oo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's two days a week for 5 hours. And EVERYONE asks me, "What are you going to do!?!?!" Ha!! What am I going to do? I will have that 5 hours planned out everyday. Mostly for errands because running errands with kids verses without is like a microwave dinner verses Patrizios (my favortie restaurant)!!!

We spent all day outside on Labor Day because the weather was A.MAZING. We played out back, we played out front, we went to the park, we flew kites, we ate two meals outside, we got sun burns.....not really I just thought it sounded funny... Anyway, had to throw in this picture because it is so stinkin cute. They are at such a fun age right now, we are soaking it up.