Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Landon's deep thoughts for the day

The other day Landon was pestering me about eating some candy (for the second time at least) and I had to have the 'limit your sugar talk' for the hundredth time........I tell ya that kid and his sweet tooth. You would think that we only give them sugar once a year the way our kids devour it!!! And anyway, I said that there are consequences to eating too many treats and he said, "Yeah God makes us get fat." I said "Well, God made our bodies work the way they do, but we choose how to take care of them so really we decide our own consequences." He didn't like that answer and argued until he got teared up because I was challenging his concept of God not asserting His power over individual will and choices and suffering coming from an imperfect world. So he ended up having a little calm down time and then we had a really great talk and he then accepted and understood what I was trying to explain to him. We started back at Adam and Eve and went from there, but I thought afterwards.....Gee....did I really just have that talk with my six year old.....I struggle with my own understanding of all this!!! Landon oh Landon I think you are going to do some special things for the kingdom. God please help me raise this child!!

Then he says a little later, "Mom did you know that if God hadn't created Antarctica that the world would be covered in water? Think of it like this mom, Camels have a huge tummy that lets them hold tons of water without flooding their body, it's the same way with Antarctica." I asked him if he learned that at school and he smiled and said, "I learned about Antarctica from my globe, but I wanted to help you remember it so I thought the camel story would help you mom."