Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our little Goobers

(picture from June)

I have a few funny stories that I need to share before I forget them!!!

Last week I bought Liam and Landon some new underwear, boxer briefs, thinking they would maybe be more comfy than their briefs. So they were excited to try them (I love that they get excited over the smallest things, its' so fun) and Liam was particularly excited when I mentioned they would reduce wedgies. So he was wearing them for the first time and after a couple hours he says to me (as he is fixing a wedgie), "Mom these underwear aren't working, you are going to have to get some more." I said, "Well, all underwear give wedgies, I just thought these would be a little better." His eyes widen. I knew he had big news to announce. "Nope mom. Not all underwear. I KNOW that God's underwear NEVER give him a wedgie."

Now a little story that shows how much work I have cut out for me when it comes to taming the girls!! It was time for Klaire to get her jammies on and instead she was ignoring me and being a little toot to Kallie so I said, "Klaire, come to mommy or you are going to get a spank-spank." She looks at me, smiles, sticks her booty out, spanks herself, says, "pank-pank", and turns to keep 'playing' with Kallie. Well, she did end up with a real 'pank-pank' but I was so tickled I could hardly discipline her:)

We have decided that our kids are going to have some of the most creative (or strange!:) future aspirations EVER! Landon has wanted to be so many things, but the most memorable are 'Noodle Maker' and 'Poop Teacher' (he liked to coach Liam) but now I would like to announce that he has decided to be a 'Doggy costume maker' and a 'Science Experiment Teacher'.....we, especially Dad, is hoping for the ladder!!!! You should see some of the things he has tried to tape onto Minnie:)

I don't really have a particular funny story for Kallie at the moment. She is SO funny though. Both her and Klaire have the funniest facial expressions. They are very dramatic....surprise surprise....and they love to get all of us giggling at them. Kallie gets kinda shy around people so unfortunately most people don't get to see what a little turkey she is.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What's going on in Staplesville

A lot. Which is why I'm a little behind on the blog:) And I don't have much time to post right now so I'm going to brief:) Or at least try:)
Some things we are up to......
-Softball for Kevin. 3rd season this year. Church team, he is coaching. He is enjoying it very much.
-Beth Moore Bible study. For me:) First one and I'm enjoying it very much. Even the homework!
-Hosting a small group on Wednesdays at our place. I love cooking for others!
-Bunco for me once a month and poker group for Kevin....we are on a loosing streak currently!!
-School school school. Remembering lunches, picture day, nightly homework, show and tell, dress up days, ahhhhh so much to remember!!
-Book Club for me. Shocker for those of you who know me well. But I am getting into reading and find it more enjoyable than straining my eyes and neck in front of my computer!! Which is another reason the blog is at the bottom of my to-do list):
-Church plant. Most of the stuff we are involved in is with our church community, Venture. We have been attending and helping out with the church plant since earlier this year.
Oh and the most important thing we have been up to...........