Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ski Trip. With no munchkins!

We spent four days up at the cabin with some friends a couple weeks ago. And let me tell you, it was AMAZING. I missed the kids worse each day we were gone and couldn't wait to get home the last day, but I needed that break so much and I came back feeling refreshed and ready for anything they were going to throw at me!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin and I both grew up skiing but have never in our ten years of togetherness been able to go. So we were like giddy little school girls and thankfully skiing is like riding a bike and you pick it right up where you left off (except we both have more brains and less dare devil in us than we used to!!!!:).

Rachael (cousin to Misty's Hubby), Misty (one of my dearest friend's who I grew up with), and Me!

The ladies and day two.
I think he just fell for fun. I by the way, didn't fall.....................heheheheeheheeheheeee
Misty and I conquering an icy blue.

Mt. Sopris in the background. Misty's husband took most of these and we never took an all guy picture, but there were two couples with us:)