Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pink Hearts

We cut off eight inches of our gorgeous silky hair! I normally wouldn't have been willing to cut off this much hair from their sweet little heads, but Miss Piper motivated me. She made me think more about the receiving end. I usually would have said (and almost did say!), 'Nope! Sorry, I would give 3 or 4, but not 8. I am just not comfortable with that.' But thinking about the little things that were done for Piper during her illness and how much a small gift meant to their family made me take a deep breath and say 'Okay this is just hair, we can do this.' And all of the hair that Pink Hearts receives goes straight to kids wigs! What a huge difference a wig can make for a little girls self esteem.....anyone's actually. So thank you Piper for showing me that I can take bigger steps:) 

We are so happy that we did this. The salon was filled with little girls of all ages giving a minimum of eight inches of hair and they were all supporting each other. It was such a neat event. 

The girls received a free pedicure and manicure from the Pink Heart Fund which they loved!


Melissa Jackson said...

I can't believe the girls' hair was that long! It's great that you encouraged them to donate, and it looks like they had a great experience at the salon. What a fun day for you all! Their new cuts look great!

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Wow - I can't even imagine our girls hair getting that long! I can't handle the tangles and tears that come with hair brushing when the length is past the shoulders. Their hair cuts are adorable!