Monday, June 18, 2012

We love our Daddy

I am beyond thankful for Kevin's fathering skills. Seriously, when I married him I knew he was an amazing man, but you really don't have a complete picture of your spouse's parenting until you're in the midst of it. And well...I don't want to boast....just compliment and express gratitude....babe, I believe you are the best. You have stepped up to the extremely tall task with humility and a constant willingness to do everything that it takes to care for these precious children God has entrusted us with. 

I want to share these cute Q and A's that our children's minister, Molly, prepared for us.
(Kallie = pink, Klaire = purple, Liam = green, Landon = blue)

All about my Dad

What is your dad's name?
Thomas the train
Kevin Thomas Staples

How old is your dad?
3 1/2

What does your dad like to watch?
all sports except soccer and volleyball

What is your dad's favorite food?
crab legs

What is your dad's job?
doing dishes
making helicopters
making helicopters shows for GES

He's smart because...
he is a big grown up
because he loves us
because he did math at school
because he went through college, got a driver's license, has a wallet, and is way ahead of me b/c he isn't even in school any more

My dad works hard at...
his office
his work
his job and protecting us

My dad always tell me...
a secret
to play
to eat my food
that bug bites build character

I'm happy when my dad...
does backflips
does clown shows
lets us play the Wii
spends time with me

I love my dad because...
he is really Thomas the train
he loves me
he takes care of me
he loves me and I love him

(Liam is aiming at Kevin:)


Lori said...

This is so cute! I might have to share this idea with some other mommy bloggers I know.

Precious answers, precious kids, and they are so blessed to have you both!!

Nicole said...

I am laughing so hard right now. And I just read Kari's recent blog post, so now I'm crying and laughing at the same time. Wow, life is something else. God did a great thing when he created families. Love you all. See you soon.

Penny Klostermann said...

Very entertaining and cute! Loved it!